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Anomic Multimedia is an interdisciplinary company working to fuse art, design and technology to create extraordinary live events and digital installations for contemporary audiences.


We specialise in Video Projection Mapping, but also offer services in light art installation, video design for performance & live music, multimedia and interactive systems and VR.


We have worked on many projects with a range of partners from all over the world and are very proud of our reputation for excellence and innovation. We have been fortunate enough to work on many high profile projects across the UK, Europe, the USA and in Asia. We are always looking for new and exciting projects to collaborate on – especially when there is the opportunity to develop new practices, to solve problems and to work directly with the public who will eventually receive the output of the work.




Anomic strives to produce outstanding quality work that combines elements of film & video, photography, motion graphics, music and sound design. When producing such work we must ensure that throughout our working practices the audience and/or user experience remains in the consciousness of our design and realisation process. In doing so we are able to challenge audiences to engage with digital practices in new, stimulating and thought-provoking ways by providing them with exposure to exceptional artistic experiences in a range of live contexts.


Combining the magic and power of art and technology.






The fundamental aim of the artwork we produce is to express the experiences of life and relationships with charm and familiarity, with passion and honesty. Not to dazzle or bamboozle. Yes, to entertain, but more importantly, to engage the receivers of our work in a process that sparks within them some recognition of a part of themselves and\or the world as they experience it – but with a new or altered perspective. The shift may be small, it may be joyful, or challenging, it may be scary or even unwanted. But the art that we produce only succeeds when this process of connected reflection, this evocation in the audience’s consciousness takes place.


Our art is not for us, but rather of us, for others.




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